The Nomad's Direction

How It Works:

Fill out the questionnaire telling us who you are, where you’re (thinking of) going, and your estimated budget! This is followed by a series of questions you answer on a 1-10 interest scale for various travel categories. Things like: how important dining out is to you, your enthusiasm about the beach or museums or hiking, etc…

You will receive an e-mail sent to the address provided asking if you have any further questions before paying.

Continue chatting with your travel coordinator there! They can be reached at any time throughout the entire travel planning timeline.

Your completed itinerary will be sent as a PDF attachment on the decided due date which will be communicated to you after payment is received.

No two itineraries are the same! Each travel guide is custom fit to your needs and interests. In every itinerary, however, you can expect transportation information (flights, trains, busses, car rental), 2-3 options of accommodation per destination (Airbnb, hotels, hostels, bed + breakfasts), a list of events in the area you’d be able to purchase tickets to with the links provided (concerts, plays, festivals, exhibitions, restaurant week, etc), all of the activities in the area, a restaurant guide as well as a nightlife guide.

Each itinerary is allotted up to 3 edits, so if there is anything that you’d like us to investigate further, just ask!


Nomad’s Direction client photo submission; Portugal

Nomad’s Direction client photo submission; Portugal

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