THE Company                                                        How It Works

The Nomad's Direction is a service designed for young people who yearn to see the world but feel like their bank account is stopping them. We are living proof that travel is possible. Alexandra Spergel is an avid adventurer in her 20's who launched this company on the base of her own successful involvement in traveling around the world. From being lead by a jungle monk in Thailand for a 4 day trek through remote villages, to living out of a van in the pacific north west of the United States, she has been able to live what most people dream of, all on her own time and planning.

At The Nomad's Direction we understand how tiring and time consuming planning a trip can be, so we create detailed itineraries for your days on the road. Whether you're going on a weekend excursion or a month long backpacking trip, we offer endless recommendations for you to make the absolute best and most of your trip. Though nothing is booked, we suggest activities that are free and accessible along with some that require pre-ordering. But don't worry! You'll have your itinerary sent to you in time for any bookings to be made at your own hand. We also suggest places to stay or other companies to use that might be of aid to you along the way.

Fill out our simple survey with a numerical stance on your interest in the suggested traveling styles. Any additional information you'd like us to know per that theme can be filled out in the details box!

After submitting your survey, you will receive an invoice to the provided e-mail address. When payment is received, we will begin to plan your trip around your specific interests and customize the best lay out for you to fully experience your place of destination!


Every itinerary is different! Each varies depending on your own personal desires, and we take the time to customize a plan specific to you and your budget. Road trips will read very differently than a euro-trip, for example.