Retailer Caitlin Nystrom of StylenMotion Presents Her Best Packing Tips

Caitlin Nystrom, owner and stylist of StyleNMotion

Caitlin Nystrom, owner and stylist of StyleNMotion

Hi everyone! My name is Caitlin Nystrom and I am the owner of StyleNMotion , a clothing company based on the concept of minimizing our best styles to our tiny closets. Why do we need an overflowing wardrobe when we can have a handful of versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down while still expressing our unique styles? My passion for closet simplifying goes hand in hand with my love for traveling, especially when it comes to packing.

In the last few years I have traveled to 14 different countries. There is something about the act of planning, booking, and researching details of each trip that I love doing! Even though I enjoy the beginning stages of trip planning, when it comes to the fine details like finding the best restaurants or how I should spend each day, the stress builds and starts to wear on me.

Last summer I was beginning my plans to travel to Scandinavia when I came across the Nomad’s Direction. I immediately knew I had to use their travel recommendations. This wasn’t just any old trip, it was for my husband’s 30th birthday (and he was dreading it!), so the pressure was on to make it extra special. After meeting with the owner, Alex, over coffee I took the travel questionnaire and walked away feeling that this was going to be one of the most life-changing trips I will ever take. 

Our plans had us going to three different countries - Norway, Denmark, and Sweden - over the span of 16 days. We already had our flights and hotels booked prior to my meeting with The Nomad’s Direction - and after seeing some accommodation options she was able to quickly pull up for me to see, this is a mistake I won’t make again.

Within a few weeks, the itinerary was completed and I was blown away! TND had listened to every little thing I mentioned in the questionnaire. Between the research, transportation directions, and personal anecdotes, it was exactly what I needed.

The Travelpro Crew 11 22" Expandable Rollaboard Suiter Suitcase is the common traveler’s version of the famous carry-on that professional flight crews have depended on for decades. It includes an external USB port for powering up any USB-powered device from the dedicated charger pocket.

The Travelpro Crew 11 22" Expandable Rollaboard Suiter Suitcase is the common traveler’s version of the famous carry-on that professional flight crews have depended on for decades. It includes an external USB port for powering up any USB-powered device from the dedicated charger pocket.

We were a month out, everything was booked, but I still needed to pack!

Since we were traveling between three different countries and six different hotels, I wanted to make sure we packed light. Traveling by train with a big, heavy suitcase is never a good idea! In that moment, I decided I was going to pack all 16 days into one carry-on suitcase. I had ordered a lightweight roller for a previous oversees trip and loved how much I could fit into. Click on the photo to the right to learn more & purchase.

Part of what drove me to launch my basics clothing brand is the fact that I have mastered the art of layering. I love styles that can be worn several different ways - a denim tunic that can be worn buttoned up with leggings or unbuttoned and worn like a cardigan over a dress. Or an oversized sweater that will keep me warm on the plane with leggings then tucked into a pair of jeans and dressed up with some fun accessories. Being a stylist is my favorite part of my job!

To prepare for packing I pulled out everything I would need. I started with my basics - black leggings, dark denim, and a white tee. Then I pulled the styles I knew I can’t live without - a floral long sleeve dress, a cream colored dress with fringe, and a long duster with fun details. I planned how many different ways I can wear each of those three styles and grabbed the coordinating items I would need. I also threw in an extra dress and sweatshirt just to be safe!

If there are any pieces that I could only wear one way, I put it back in the closet! Space is limited and I made sure to only include pieces that were versatile, lightweight, and easy to roll up in my suitcase. Once I had at least a dozen “looks”, I moved onto accessories. 

The first thing I pulled is a must have; a small black crossbody, which goes with just about every look. Then I threw in a few pairs of earrings, a statement necklace, and some bracelets to mix and match throughout the trip - all fitting in a small drawstring bag. 

Shoes are always the hardest part for me! I wanted to fill my suitcase with six or seven pairs, but knew I needed to narrow it down to two. I decided on a pair of leopard loafers that are very comfortable and would add some extra fun to at least half the looks and a pair of white sneakers, perfect for the super long days and could double as my workout sneaker! 

The day before we left, it was time to pull it all together! I had chosen my plane outfit from all of the styles that I had already pulled by asking myself - “How many styles can I layer together to be comfortable on the long flight and free up space in my suitcase!?” Pro tip: If you have any necklaces that might tangle, wear them on the plane! Then top with your one and ONLY coat.

I packed ten undies, ten socks, three sets of pajamas, and two sets of workout clothes on the bottom by rolling and cramming them in all the small crevasses. Then I took each style I pulled, rolled it tightly and layered on top. Rolling saves space and prevents wrinkles. It’s a win-win! I slid my small bag of jewelry in the middle of the thicker styles to keep them from bouncing around. Then topped with my loafers in a drawstring bag (I wore the sneakers on the plane for comfort and to save room) and toiletries. Done!

I love the small and large zipper pockets on the front of the suitcase. It’s perfect for books, magazines, chargers, and snacks!

Having The Nomad’s Direction think through all the activities while I thought through the packing made the 16 days so easy and enjoyable. We had both considered the weather! When it rained, I had a nylon bomber jacket to layer on. If it was crazy hot in a museum, I took off my cardigan and tied it around my waist. I was prepared for any and all weather and tons of different excursions. 

My passion for travel is equal to my love of styling. If you have an upcoming trip (hopefully planned by The Nomad’s Direction), I’d love to help you simplify your packing and help the entire trip be less stressful.


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“StyleNmotion is an online clothing boutique curated to give women plenty of layering options – from work, travel, lounging on the weekends, or a fun night out”

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